Need Feedback on something I built

Well, I just decided to start building for no reason that comes to mind. Friends say my creation looks like a dungeon or execution area. They also think it would look great if I made a castle. I don’t know, but I’d like to ask that you guys join and give me feedback.
Could really use the comments and ideas to motivate me to put some real time in and make a castle out of this.

I do prefer you to join the game and experience it. So I won’t be posting any screenshots. (Updated with hallway.)
Link:Dungeon/Castle Project - Roblox


Please post your comments under here.

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Its just needs some details to the build but overall nice work!


Pretty construction and well done.


It’s nicely textured and it’s very pretty. The main con is: It’s too dark. Insanely dark.

I had to turn up my contrast all the way up to actually see what I was looking at. There’s a lot of details in the textures, there’s shadows everywhere and the top of the building is very stunning and detailed as well- but it’s all drained out pure darkness.

Besides that - very good! I didn’t have any other issues.


I think the build is well made! I don’t see anything to give feedback on, just wanted to say how nice it looks!