[NEED FEEDBACK] Should we host an event for European Roblox developers?


The Studio+ team are set on providing as much as we possibly can to the developer community. This is why we have the Player to Creator Podcast, open source libraries to help game development, and also why we give free office space to Roblox developers.

But we want to do more! This is why we’re currently considering the possibility of running a small event for European Roblox developers, where people can meet each other, share ideas, and walk away inspired to create great things for this wonderful platform.

We’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on location, format, and if you’d be interested in such an event. There is a poll where you can give some thoughts, which is found below.

:arrow_forward: Click here for the poll

Additionally, if you have more thoughts beyond just the questions in the poll, feel free to post below, or reach out to me on Discord at Jed#1512.



Absolutely love what you guys are doing for the community at the moment! you are an amazing part of the developing community, giving great opportunities to developers new and old!

In regards of feedback, it would be amazing if you hosted this. if I lived close I would definitely want to go!


I love the proposal! I’ve responded to your poll and hopefully it’s useful. Although, it may be interesting to know how many developers you’d be expecting. I’m assuming it might be tight to get everyone in at once.

All in all, you guys would be ideal to host this given where you are situated. As long as it’s hosted in a secure and safe place, that’s all I care about!


Thank you for responding to the poll! Currently we are envisioning this to be more of a smaller scale / personable experience for everyone, as that feels more of a unique offering. This would not be a case where halls are rented out, and there’s thousands of people, but rather a gathering of talented people talking about what they love, within a structure that hopefully maximises the sharing of ideas, and inspiration to go home and make super cool games.


Heck I’m in the U.S. but I’d be interested in flying over for a large enough gathering of euro devs. I’ve been two to the last two RDC EU events and was really upset they didnt do one this year.


LOVE this!!
I’ve responded to the poll and signed up for a mail if this eventually becomes reality! This is a needed initiative as the EU dev community often times can feel left out looking at our possibilities vs the people living closer to the HQ.

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Seems like a great idea and I’ve often talked to fellow EU developers about attending RDC events together. This being a private party is there some sort of cost to attend? I imagine it can get quite expensive especially in London, if there’s a price how much would it approximately be?


There should be the ability to vote and just say, I want to go and I don’t care how long.

I can go anywhere in the UK with minimal issues, I may prefer to stay for 2 days but would totally accept one day.

Outside of that, sounds like a great idea.


Unsure at this point! Much like all the other things we’ve done so far though, we’d try and make it as low cost / free as possible.

I would like that but also in other countries like Germany, Spain e.t.c


If I lived in the UK I would definitely use this opportunity. Since EU DevConference was not hosted, a lot of EU devs where discouraged. Definitely recommend if you do it!

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This looks awesome! As far as I know, Studio+ is free, right?
It looks like I would have had a blast if this was a thing when I started programming Roblox games. I think it would be awesome if it reached out to more players, but I am not European. I’d say go for it!


Go for it. :slightly_smiling_face:
I just wish one was hosted in Australia.

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Yeah, Studio+ is a free platform! Check it out on https://studioplus.io/en.

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Awesome! I did check out the website and I didn’t see any purchases required so I just assumed.

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Let us know if you ever have any feedback!

Thanks to everyone who has completed the survey so far. Really helps us put a pin on if an event like this is something the community is looking for, and what format people would like to see it in.

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Hello there!

I really like and appreciate what you are doing. I think you should definetely do this. In addition I filled out the form but I won’t be able to come. I have some suggestions as well. I think you should do this in Istanbul(A city in Turkey). Istanbul is a city which is in Europe and Asia at the same time. I think this would give you an opportunity to include Asian developers to the event.

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