Need Feedback/Help Launching New Lego-Inspired Game

I finally finished a long project working with friends and we are now trying to launch our game. Its similar to Tower of Hell, the primary difference being the use of tools (see the video below). I’ve run a few low bid ads and sponsors obviously to little effect. Before I start pouring large amounts of money into it, I’m curious what the best way to market it is since it’s the first real game I’ve worked on.

Obviously I could invest more money and bid higher on ads and sponsorships, but I’ve also heard it might be better to find streamers or outlets to promote the game. In this case I have no idea where to start.

Let me know what you think. The link for the game is below. I’ve gotten some criticisms that the game is too difficult or needs to have checkpoints, so those are some concerns right now. Below is the icon, and I’m curious as to whether its good enough at grabbing attention.

Link to video: 76.44 MB file on MEGA

✨Toy Tower [BETA] - Roblox


I recommend turning some strokes a little down. Otherwise, great job! I would like to play this on the release.

this DEFINITLY seems like a game I would like to play (just from the thumbnail)
the only possible problem is the noob guy’s face is too smol lol

at the start of the game, maybe use a bigger UI to tell the player theres a tutorial, I went on for a minute being confused what each block did

the lighting is a bit too intense

the bomb takes a biiit too long to explode

damn took a long time finding this

anyways just an update: you should make ur game available on mobile


Fix the issue please. Thanks :slight_smile: (for anyone asking, this is not me! this is my friend and whoever says its me will be ignored)