Need feedback/suggestion on Shotgun model

I have made a shotgun which I want and try to create a theme of a junkyard. I don’t know how to make this look more like its made out of scraps. I will take any suggestions or feedback on the shotgun so I can improve my skills :slight_smile:.

Here is the image of the shotgun I have made:

Full shotgun:


The shotgun textures use nodes so the textures wouldn’t be imported into the studio unless I bake them which I am currently learning at the moment.

You can take this model as inspiration but don’t copy/trace the entire model. :+1:

  • Thanks :v:

The entire thing in general is too round and thick. I would scale it down on the y and z axis to fix that.

The wood texture on the very end part (I forget the name) doesn’t fit very well. That’s the type of texture gays on a tree stump. You need a much smoother one.

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If you really wanna push the scrap yard aesthetic maybe make it seem less like a shotgun and more like a cobble of things that make a shotgun, instead of wood try nailed/glued together plastics, make the metal more rusted or like its made of pipes fixxed together, just really go all out

Thanks for the suggestion; really familiar with fire arms and so this might make the model more realistic in the ratio of the gun. :heart:


As a standard styalized shotgun I really like it, I think the short and squishy look would fit a more cartoony game

I really like the idea your giving me but maybe not the cobble materialed parts but I can improve the rust, nail, glue and the pipes. I think having wood would make it look better than cobble as there are a lot of trees in the game and I want it to have an overgrown junkyard (vines). But anyway, Thank you for the suggestion. :v:

Then keep it as wood but make it seem less polished and more like old wood taken from a fallen tree reworked to be apart of a gun, maybe a twig or some holes

Ok, I will improve the end of the shotgun (the wood part) y adding moss, vines, twigs, and some holes. Thanks for the very helpful suggestion :hugs:

Yep @budmomo , That is the style of the game. It’s like the YouTuber dirtcake artwork but with terrain as the Roblox terrain and not lowpoly and the assets (trees) are lowpoly and not blocky. Its a fast paste shooter game in an open world map.

You misspelled shotgun at the title and it says “Shogun.” It’s pretty misleading. But the butt of the is a bit wavy.

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Hello, The back of the shotgun is supposed to be wavy as it is a shotgun made out of scraps. And yes I made a typo. :smile:

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Looks great! I would change the detail in texture, like make some parts a dark slate color and make the wood a dark wood color / texture. After that maybe extend the barrel, if your going for like a 4-10 shotgun you could keep the color though, overall looks great!

lol can u edit the post title as “Shotgun” and not Shogun?
I got clickbaited (in a way :P) as I thought someone made a Shogun Outfit or such and got interested.
Anyways, I like that model. Looks neat

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I want to make it a bit cartoonish as it would fit with the scene/ environment so a semi sawed-off shotgun would fit as it would look kind of cartoonish (maybe :crazy_face:) also having it with brighter colours will also fit with the theme of the game. Well anyway, Thanks for the feedback.

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Ok, It has been edited lol. And Thanks :slight_smile:

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