Need full help on making GFX thumbnails

I just got blender, doing GFX interests me.

I have blender 2.8, it seems easy to use after I watched a few tutorials.
But what I found so complicated was the HDRI because I want to make my own.

1st question: What HDRI I want to make is a cloudy HDRI, and I couldn’t find any images, so how can I make my own?

2nd question: Can someone teach me how to make terrain in blender? So I can make the character have something to walk on.

About my 1st GFX
What I’m trying to make is a person walking in clouds. I need a cloud background, and I guess in I will make some layered clouds over the character for finishing touches.
But I don’t know how to do that and there aren’t enough tutorials, and 2.79 was always so complicated to me. Can someone please give some time to help me?

If you are interested in helping a friend out, add my discord Squisheh#4971

And here is the pose for my character and what I’m trying to do


I can answer the second question:

First add a plane, then go into mods and add ocean. Then change the setting to your liking.
After you are done with deciding the mesh of the terrain, you can click apply, and that should save all the vertices. (PS: Try not to have inverted faces, make sure everything is blue on the top instead of red).

You can Import items from roblox studio into blender, click click on it, and export as .obj I think. And if you look up how to render in blender 2.8 you could find something good

Alright, thanks!


1.Making your own HDRI

There are a few ways, each varying in how much effort you need to put in. I recommend this video:

Or if you want to spend money to do this (which I don’t recommend since there are free options available):

I suggest just using the HDRIs that are already free to use online, such as these from HDRI Haven:

2.Terrain in Blender

There are a number of ways to do this.

a) Ocean modifier
Like @70Night mentioned, you can add an ocean simulation which, if you configure the settings of it and add the right material, looks like rocky terrain.

b) Displacement map
Displacement maps are images that contain data that tells blender (or whatever 3d software you put them into) how much a part of the mesh should be raised or lowered. White = raised the most, black = lowered the most. You may have heard the term ‘bump map’ used before, and it’s another way of creating terrain, however by itself it’s hard to create realistic results, since it doesn’t alter the geometry of a mesh. It’s usually used in conjunction with displacement maps. I think this sums it up:

c) A.N.T Landscapes
If you go into user preferences and enable the A.N.T Landscapes add-on, you’ll have another method of creating terrain.

This will create a new option under the add > mesh menu named ‘landscape’

Once you add it into the scene, you can adjust the settings of the mesh, but make sure not to move or select anything else since if you do, these settings will be removed from the operator menu.

Below, you can see my alter the detail of the landscape by changing the subdivision level. Below that, there are tons of other settings to alter, such as height or falloff.

I hope this helps!
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Thank you so much! I have been filled with so much knowledge, I do use blender 2.8 though, hopefully it will still work! :smiley:

HDRI Haven doesn’t have a hdri that is up in the clouds, I really need a background or something that is just puffy clouds, and I cannot seem to find one. Like this one

This is not mine, this is someone else. I know they used Cinema 4D , but I’m sure blender can do the same. I use paint net and blender, since i’m a broke girl. Is there a way I can make something similar to this?

Yeah of course, you don’t need to have the HDRI visible in the background. If you make the background transparent, you can keep the lighting without having the background, so you can just paste some cloudy background into it to suit your scene.

I use paint .net as well, trust me is a viable software. Try to get some decent plugins for it.

Is there a way I can put a png in the blender background