Need guidance with creating severed limbs and maimed torsos/heads

Hey all,

Been thinking about making a melee/firearm combat game with some gore while staying in ROBLOX boundaries, of course.

Nonetheless, in my playtime of some already existing games like this, the better ones have one thing in common—limb detachment. More than just limb detachment I suppose, it’s more limb “editing”.

Below are two example screenshots of this said mechanic. Minor gore warning:


In the first screenshot you can see a character with their left arm severed in half. Just in my initial brainstorming I’ve been unable to figure out how the character’s shirt texture is still present on the arm, and how the arm maintains it’s rounded edges that the Humanoid object automatically implements on limbs.

In the second screenshot, part of the character’s torso is blown out and still maintains the same said properties.

Additionally, I’m not sure what the best practice is for ultimately implementing these edited limbs. Say I want to make a severed arm, do I make the original arm limb invisible and weld the custom severed limb onto it? Or is there an alternative way?

I couldn’t find any posts about this concept so I thought I’d make my own post to seek some sort of preface and guidance before I venture blindly into it. In my brief time of developing I’ve never really dove into messing with player’s characters or making custom rigs at all.

As always, thanks in advance.

In games like Neighbourhood War they use unions to achieve this.
You can play the game here if you never played it before:

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Actually I Think This Has To Do Something Called Uv Wrapping In Blender Theres Tutorials About It In Youtube

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It is possible that the shirts are premade, and the solution with UV mapping, creates templates I guess you could call them, and you put a image over the top of UV’s and then apply the UV map to a mesh image texture. So, you may need to create an entirely new character rig with your own clothing. I really hope this helps. Its just a suggestion and may not be the case and or work.