Need help aligning the crosshair

So… Did you check it out?? Any luck?

To me it looks like an issue with the model itself.
The red line is the ‘center’ aligned with your HumanoidRootPart. If you notice the end of the gun is slightly to the ‘left’ of center. Just like in your image, its pointing a bit left of center.

Yes, but I think I know the fix to my problem. Because I moved with the fake camera’s position

Just one other thing I noticed (im sure has nothing to do with your issue) in the place you sent.
In the script StancesScript, it is looking for a ‘Character.Torso’ as if we are in R6 mode, but then in another script ViewModel, it is checking for both R6 and R15.

So maybe check the scripts that are looking for only R6 body parts and fix that.

Ok, thank you very much for your paitence and help!! Have a great day!!

I am really sorry if I am disturbing you, but how do you fix that??

Do you mean fix the misaligned gun model?

and How can I fix the problem? Because I don’t see the red line, so I can’t edit it. It would be great, if you fixed the errors and posted to me. But sorry if I am disturbing you

Nope, I don’t know how to fix it

I can’t find it in the code, but somewhere there will be a Weld or Motor6D or something created that attaches the ‘fake’ gun to the character (when you hold right mouse)

Wherever that ‘connection’ is created, try to shift the C0’s CFrame on the X axis by .1, and see if that makes a difference.

Ok, I will get back to you, when I tried that out.

Seems like too big of a change to me. I would do 0.05. (Or maybe he could keep shifting it by 0.05 until it is fixed)

But I where shall I change the value to 0.05? He mentioned C0’s CFrame

The X axis of whatever is connecting your gun to your character.

But Shall i change it in the script or in the explorer??

It looks like it is connecting the fake gun in the local script under the gun instance.
But it is doing it really weird, where it is welding the fake gun’s arms to some default fake arms within the character. So its not a clean single weld thing happening.

I would suggest one of two things…

  1. Look through the local script on the gun, and learn how it is attaching itself to the character, to better understand if you can shift that connecting
  2. Break away the ‘gun’ model parts from the fake hands, and rotate the gun about .5 degrees clockwise. Then recreate the welds attaching it to the fake arms. (it actually is using motor6d’s)

Good luck, I feel for you on this, its a bit of a mess.