Need help combining two textures into one

What i’m trying to achieve is to combine two different meshes with textures into a single mesh and texture. I’m pretty sure there is currently no way I can do this in studio so I have to use blender.

For example, I have these two Roblox meshes. If I join these two objects on blender and import it to studio, the texture gets messed up.

So how would I create a single texture for these two meshes? I want to achieve this without having to create a new UV map. I’ve heard that baking a texture can work for this but i’m not completely familiar with it, so if anyone can help me out, that would be awesome! :smiley:

Here’s a copy of the radio incase anyone wants to look at it
radio.rbxm (3.5 KB)


Not possible, because their mappings overlap in UV space. You don’t need to re-unwrap them, but you will at least need to separate their existing maps to live in different areas of the UV space. Or do the easy thing and just weld the parts together as is and call it a day.


I’ll try that out. Can’t weld though because the person who scripted the system made it so it doesn’t support models.

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You can weld parts inside a tool also, like the boombox would be the handle, and the ears would be a another part welded to it. A WeldConstraint makes this super simple.

EDIT: Note that parts have to be in the workspace when joined by a WeldConstraint for the offset to be saved, you can’t make the tool inside StarterPack, it has to be moved to there after welding.