Need Help Creating a Low-Poly Car

Hello, I am currently in the process of creating a police roleplay game, however I am in need of some low-poly/blocky cars. I am willing to learn how to make them so if anyone could find a tutorial, I would appreciate it! I would pay but I bet the prices are very high and I don’t have too much robux.


I suggest you use blender to make the cars; though while it will be something you have to put effort into, I think it’s the most flexible and best option.

heres a link: Download —

Some youtuber tutorials I recomend you check out are Blender guru, or CGFastTrack. Both are good, but Blender guru seems to be the traditional pick.

Blender Guru:


Hope that helps!

Making low poly cars is best to use an alternative software such as blender I wouldn’t recommend payed programs if you feel the need to but blender is a free, open source that a lot of developers use nowadays: I think it doesn’t matter what software you use for modeling whatever one suits your liking.

There’s 100 YouTube guides, tutorials that will show you step by step process on how to do it! I recommend using the 2.8 version or you could use the old version whatever one your comfortable with.

Try watching beginner tutorials since your new or wanting to learn the software blender gurus tutorial (donut & mug one) is a great place to start, it’s incredibly informative in terms of learning the basic tools, techniques, and workflow of blender. He also goes into more detail and explains a lot.

Here is a few topics about tips and tutorials and overall useful information that’ll help you along the way on how to get started (Learning the software basically):

Hello, as the developers above have already mentioned, Blender is one of the best or even the best 3D modeling software you can use to make anything you want and anything you can even imagine. Blender does a great job is allowing the people create low-poly cars, weapons and etc.

I would definitely recommend using it, Blender is very easy to use once you learn about it. Tutorials which have been mentioned above those which I have used to teach myself 3D modeling.

And just wanted to tell you that in my opinion it is a lot more fun and useful to learn something for yourself to use this skill for your future projects instead of paying someone to do that for you! That’s just my opinion and I do wish you luck in doing whatever you figure out to do!

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