Need Help Creating a Weather System

Hi everyone!

I am trying to get my game’s graphics as real as possible. I want to create a weather system for it, but I am relatively new to scripting and I don’t really know how to make one. My goal is to create a weather system with rain that splashes on the ground, and has the effect of splashing on the player’s GUI as water droplets, which slide off after a delay, like this:


Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

(the picture is from a game called Shanyue made by, Z0LL:

Hey so I know you only wanted to know how to do the water droplet effect, but I also listed everything else that this game utilizes, just for anyone else who wants to create a super realistic game.

Here’s a list I compiled to make this reply as clean as possible:

This can be done by having a wait(math.random(30, 120)) so the weather pattern is random and then toggling the ParticleEmitters and Screen Distortion Rain script.


Hi, I managed to replicate almost all your tips, but I haven’t managed to use mesh deformation for wind. Can you give an example of mesh deformation with wind please? Thanks!

Well “wind” would be an illusion. And I’m not too familiar with mesh deformation, you could always just rig an animation for the leaves and import it.

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