Need Help Creating Menu UI

So I am finishing up work on V1 of my game, Dayron Grill and I need to make a menu that shows what we have which the players’ can hold. What should I do to make a nice and modern look that fits with the vibe. Game’s vibe:

I am using Adobe Photoshop BTW and I have a bit of experience with it.

Here are a few of my base prototypes at the moment:

Hi developer,

Maybe you should make it bright and colorful. Now, I do not have any experience in UI Design, but I think if you make it colorful and whatnot, it’ll fit the theme. Your game looks amazing, and I cannot wait to play it!


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No, I think that is his general sketch.

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You need to decide on the theme, you can’t have bright colours fighting with grey colours. If your theme is around orange, try replacing the lighter grey with light blue and the darker grey with orange and the logo white. This will complement the menu.

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Good start, but you must stick with a color theme! That is important when making UIs, and it improves the overall quality of the game. Your game has a sort of low-poly cartoon vibe to it, I would maybe recommend yellow/orange/red color theme, blue would also work really well! You just have to try out different colors and themes, it’s really about how the colors fit with and compliment each other. Font is a big differentiator as well, make sure it goes well with your color and theme.

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Main font I am using is LuckiestGuy if you don’t know what it is it is like a cartoony font that looks really good on things. Yellow orange and red look bad on the way I made this. I am aiming for a modern grill not a freak-show of weird color designs.

My feedback was based on my experience in this low-poly game design field. You can really make UIs look nice by applying and utilizing different colors. :slight_smile:

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