Need help deciding with Performance or Security

Hi so uhh I am making a fast paced pvp game ( brawlhalla but in 3D basically with some other stuff added ). I was wondering if I should have the server handle stuff like hitboxes that are really important, but as i said it’s going a fast paced pvp game and the players would have a bunch of movement options and it would basically be impossible to catch a player with server hitboxes and the only option is just making the hitboxes big at that point. I also don’t want to overload the server too much with it handling most of the stuff already. Now I this is the part where I can’t decide. I myself a past exploiter who learned scripting through exploiting know that games like these which uses stuff like client sided hitboxes can be a bit vulnerible sometimes, but I still want to keep that fast paced part on my game.

Security is vital to uphold the enjoyment or exploiters will ruin it.

Consider a hybrid approach: handle initial hitbox detection client-side for speed, then validate hits server-side to prevent exploits. Use predictive algorithms on the server and periodically sync data to maintain accuracy and security. Implement strong anti-cheat measures and optimize server code to manage the load efficiently.

Hope this helps!

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However at the same time, byfron cracked down on alot of PC exploits.
There is still concurring exploits on android but think about it…

Exploiting on android? Mostly kids, no place to write code, they get randomly skidded code from the internet.

I believe security isnt needed as much as it use to be needed.

Security is still crucial to protect against all potential exploits, regardless of the source. You can’t just rely on the assumption that only inexperienced users are involved.

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