Need help developing a boat model with accurate collsions

Hi, I’m trying to develop a boat for my teamwork boat game on roblox.
I am confident using blender & the roblox csg engine to create the boat. The issue im facing is that players need to access an interior level of the boat and the collisons get distorted when carving holes. From my reading roblox has issue with concave collion shapes. Does anyone know any method or way I can create a boat so the interior is accessible with collisons that represent the model?

you can just set collissionFidelity property of the model to preciseDecomposition and that should take care of it New Studio Feature - CollisionFidelity.PreciseConvexDecomposition (Enabled Globally), you can also cut the boat into different peaces so that instead of concave most of the individual pieces are convex if you are making it in blender (you would separate a cubic room into floor, each wall separately and roof) and import it into roblox afterwards, i’d suggest using this plugin Show Decomposition Geometry Plugin to be able to iterate rapidly with your shapes and see what works out the best

It typically works until i try to cut holes within the ship, any ideas?

yeah my whole response is full of those ideas lol

Something like this for the seperation?

i’d also cut it in half on the x axis and make one more cut like on the picture with the red line

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You should import the part of the boat as different instances and in studio put them together, this will make very easy for the computer to do collision calculation.

There are 2 ways. @bachovar123’s suggestions are one of them.

If that doesn’t work for you another way is to make the MeshPart CanCollide false and use large Parts that are transparent and CanCollide true that will keep the players inside the Mesh boundaries. Simple Parts and Wedges can be used that will do the trick, just keep them as large as possible so you don’t have an extra 200 or so parts welded to your MeshPart.

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