Need help filling this room

Need help filling this room, its a 1960s jazz club


Round tables, ceiling lamps/chandeliers, drinks at the bar, some painting on the wall! I think some variation on the table could also be nice. A mix of sofa / chair sitting would also be nice.

Room & layout look great though!


Expensive paintings on the wall,

Prestige chairs and tables,


Perhaps that character could be a butler and perhaps around some tables there’ll be other holding drinks. The butler cleans the front and perhaps some chairs in the front of it. Behind the front, there are some drinks(not alcohol if friendly).

A wall with books of famous writers on it.

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Full redesign


Looks fabulous! The choice of chairs matches really well. I am not so sure, but some bar stools around the bar could look nice, but I can’t be sure without seeing it. Great work! :clap:

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Here’s the rest of the game if you’d like to give your opinion on it!

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