Need help fixing default tools

Greetings! Let’s cut to the chase here-- My default tools have been doing this for a while now and it’s getting annoying now, even my default scale tool does this. Is there any way to fix this?

Here is what happens:


If you can help, thank you so much!


Try clicking Reset in the Pivot section under the Model tab while your model is selected.


This is happening because of the Pivot Editor update which was released last month.


What editing plugin are you using there?

Have you updated it recently? If not update it. The F3X and SBS building tools were updated to properly modify pivot along with the Pivot Editor release so that this doesn’t happen.


It worked ! ! ! Thank you so much!


Those yellow orbs are a re-sizing plugin I got a year ago. And I’ve updated it not too long ago!


Can you link the specific plugin?

Here you go!

Cheers! <3

EDIT: I noticed the last time it was updated was in 2015, :thinking:.

I’ll do a pass and check that that plugin doesn’t do anything unexpectedly bad with pivots.

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If it does mess up pivots, do tell, please!


Yeah, when you resize something via that tool the pivot will not be updated like it should be. I’ll see about getting it updated to do so.

Any particular features that you like that plugin for? The built in Scale tool can scale whole models too now.

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I used it to scale catalog items, but now I use it to tell how much space my re-sized model will use (the red semi-transparent cube) and I can scale it accordingly!