Need help fixing this, weird issue with lighting

Everything in my game was working fine when all of a sudden I noticed that it’s like the lighting in my game went corrupt or something. Im not sure what this is but this is the seconds time it’s happened to one of my games. It shows up this way in studio and in game, there are random green and yellow and red colors randomly around the entire area out of nowhere. There is no script that has done this because in the studio editor mode with the free cam thingy it even shows.

Another part of whatever this is is unions are not working properly. When I union two bricks together the inside of the union turns the color of the negative part. Please help

Try turning on UsePartColor property of your union and selecting the color you want, if that doesn’t work then separate the part and set both of the parts in your union the same color.

check if your lights are colored yellow or green. If that doesn’t work then there is a few other posts before of people having problems with their game turning green, see if that helps.

Ok i got the problem.

Problem :

See i guess the when you placed the walls a minute gaps were left between them due to which the outer light is entering in. Even i had placed such a lightning problem when i was building a model

Solution :

Follow the steps -

1.You Will have to move the walls.
2.For that Set Collisions-Off(This Is No Script)
3. Scale the walls from the sides such that they overlap each other
4.once done with all sides set collisions-on (This Is No Script) again

Refer to the pic below

Light blue = direction in which the inner walls should be moved
Dark blue = direction in which the outer walls should be moved

You have the legacy Union (CSG) system enabled in your Studio settings.
Go to your Studio > Settings > Physics > (it used to be CSG2, or legacy, something like that) and if it’s checked then uncheck the box or the other way around.

What are your Studio Lighting settings? Have you changed the Lighting.Technology setting?
Take a screenshot of your Lighting Properties and post it here for us to see.

CSG is not enabled, It’s already disabled. My studio lighting settings are untouched. It is the basic studio settings for an empty baseplate. I only changed the brightness from 2.25 default to 3. I even went as far as saving the whole build to a new empty game and the green areas are still there. It appears to be an issue with the shadows .

Hey, I’ve done all the steps, the green circles still remain. The issue is happening with the shadows, they only appear around shadow areas.

My problem is different from theirs because theirs usually involves a script or their own lighting settings. I’ve dug deeper and the problem is in the shadows but nothing I have done has worked.

The only time Unions should Negate like that is when you have the Enable Legacy CSG box checked off.
Unless your Studio is completely messed up…
Maybe save the place, uninstall Studio, and reinstall it.