Need help getting an idea of how I can script a ga

I’m trying to make a tag game so two people spawn in one person is the tagged the other person is the runner if the runner doesn’t get tagged in 30 sec they win but if they get tagged they lose and tagged wins. I’m not experienced in this type of stuff.

My main problem is not knowing how to get only 2 people to the map, Once teleported showing a name tag of runner or tagger.

I also don’t know how to teleport them back to the lobby once game finished.

Please someone help I really have no clue how to do this - thank you

To teleport 2 people you need to identify those 2 first. For example, you save it in a table as follows: local plrs={}
then teleport they by Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame
If there is anything missing, please ask, I will explain more.

Hello, Thank you for the help. I’ve looked at many youtube videos about tables and all of them are just about saving Sats such as money which i already know how to do is there something i’m missing? Also when creating the scrip would i insert into players of starter player scripts?