Need help, how to revive "died" games

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Hi i’m Boomy! I small Developer in Roblox.
I like create not big games but recently there was a problem. For some reason my game(s) started to “die”, but before they were still afloat. I searched for solutions on Devforum but i saw people much saying: create ADs for game(s), share in social media, etc. But i make ADs for my game(s) (i guess much robux spend on it) but ADs helped temporarily but with ADs game(s) got max 3-4 players online with ADs (without ADs 99% 0 players online). Also i shared in social media my games but it not even helped.
Is here any good way to revive games, or should i create more games with popular thematic?
And yeah, updates too not help revive game(s) do update or no, no one join.
Can anyone help? I will be glad for any suggestion. (if i wrote it clearly lol)


Ads aren’t as effective as they once were, due to the fact that they don’t show to people younger than 13, which would mean if your game doesn’t appeal to people over 13, it is likely to not work.

I also have problems with getting my games/projects out there, and even though I don’t have a direct solution, sponsored ads seem to get more players than Ads when I tested it. Likely because younger people can see them and play them.

The issue is with getting popular on Roblox is you need to make a game that appeals to kids, which could include flashy icons and trendy games, but most people don’t want to make those kinds of games.

I don’t have a definite answer, as I don’t know how to advertise myself, but I hope that by some miracle your games get traction. Even if it’s unlikely.


Yeah, make flashy icons and trendy games is hard. Trend always change and while you make one game about (for example: Escape, Super obby, etc) here will be another trend. But i agree ADs bad working then Game Sponsor, it work better.
But people play my games while i “sleep” they give me maybe 10-15 visits per night sometimes 5-9. And they play games what i very very rare update, when i do update they just stop play.
Btw good luck for you too :wink:


What kind of game is it? it may be because others are not as interested in your game.
Can you show us the Thumbnails/Icons the game has?

Other than that, here are 3 things that you can do:

  • Update the game more often, this gives people more content to play for.

  • Instead of ads, use “sponsors” as they are much more effective.

  • Give people something to grind for. (for e.g create more badges, or exclusive event items that you need to grind for)


My main game named “Gravity Coil Obby!” in game you need use gravity coil to complete obby.
I update it but game update don’t help get normal online and it almost not giving visits.
I have badges in game maybe all 5 free badges what i can create. Next badges need buy for Robux what i not have. If you want you check it: Gravity Coil Obby! 🔥[UPDATE]🔥 - Roblox
Btw updates not often bc i have no idea what stage is hard for players, but i have updated stages and make them more easy but people still not play.


a thing that i noticed is that the thumbnails are low quality/stolen, i would change them since
people might think that the game is not “worthy” to play for.

The Spawn is also quite basic/low effort, i would consider changing it to something unique.
The Area is too big, quite unneeded if you ask me.

After being 3 mins into the game, the game spams you with chat messages. I would
increase the timer of it being sent (every 2-3 minutes)


also, not to be rude or anything, the game is literally just a bunch of free models and also
contains p2w assets, i don’t know how you expect this game to take off.

there is a 1 month cooldown, just wait 1 month and create new ones.


Yeah that problem, server msg i can make longer. But free model bc i even don’t know scripting and that problem.(Bc bad memory).
Uh spawn i really don’t know how to make i just out of ideas what more add to that game to get more visits.
Thumbnails agree, i will try change them. And they not stolen i do them in Roblox studio (just place dummy/noob decorations, etc and do screenshot then add text to it).
btw i can’t create something normal bc idk how to script.

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Oh got idea, need change gamepasses pictures…

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(these 2 running noobs pictures is AI generated)

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