(NEED HELP!) How to script a moveset for a sword?

Hey! How do I make it so when I press a key (for example “G”) the model and the animation i have made makes an attack? I already have a working sword that does damage and has its own slashing animation, but how would I go about making a script that lets me activate the model I have built and the animation I have, and then does damage to a humanoid?

Please help, I’m not a Lua scripter, and I don’t know anything about scripting and my scripting partner is absent, I really need this done soon.

Thanks, Joel.


moveset.rbxl (42.2 KB)

here you are i didnt know how to add code to this text but, heres this for now. add your model n things its atleast a start, make sure to add your model in the folder in the image below, it hopefully should work if not, reply and ill help!