Need Help Importing animation from blender to roblox

  1. can anyone help me solve problem , pls?

  2. when i import animation from blender to roblox , r6 dummy animation went wrong

  3. is it a bug?

you cant “Import” animations to roblox from blender…you need to make it your self

use script to import? or something else? pls give me a hint

dude i just told you…you cant import animations from blender to roblox

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You can, if you go into the Official Animation Editor plugin and press the three dots then Import > Import from FBX animation


If you export the file as an FBX you can then import it in the Animation Editor plugin by pressing the three dots in it then going Import > Import from FBX animation. (I don’t know what it exactly says but its something like that.

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Bruh… what version of blender do you use?
its looks really old, try updating it, there are so many new features

he is using blender 2.7 or something

damn, he’s a grinder, wonder how he uses it

-im using this plugin to import: Blender rig exporter/animation importer
-thanks for your suggestion but it still error.

yes , it’s 2.79 and my pc only can handle 2.79

Oh, that explains a lot.
its not so bad anyway

It is entirely possible that your old version of blender is the reason behind the error. New versions export FBX animations in a newer format, supported by ROBLOX. On the contrary, there is the possibility that I am wrong, as I am not fluent with blender…

Make sure your character in Blender is facing the right way.

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