Need help in exporting a blender mesh to roblox studio

I save my blender meshes in my desktop, and when I try to export it in roblox studio, it doesnt let me click it, i cant export it in, maybe im saving it a wrong way or something, I dont know, I am fairly new to blender and need help


So if i’m understanding you correctly did you already export your mesh inside the studio? Is there a mesh part added so it’ll allow you to select your mesh file. Could you perhaps provide images.

The thread content is a little confusing an image would be helpful so we could see whats going on. In Studio, did you add a “MeshPart” in the properties window view, select the folder icon or MeshID and your blender file should be placed in your inside your desktop folder it will allow you to select your mesh file whatever location you saved your mesh file to.

I will try to give u an image, rn now i cant, but to make it more simple, what i meant was studio denied me putting the mesh in, ik this is confusing, but soon i will give u an image, thanks a lot btw

model in desktop, export from roblox studio? Are you trying to import it?

I’ve had issues in Team Create or really large builds when I put a MeshPart in and try to upload the Blender .obj files to it sometimes I get a ‘mesh denied’ message.
I just upload the mesh into a bare baseplate, copy it, and then paste it into the larger build from there.

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The only way i know is that the studio denies mesh importing is tris is greater than 10000. make sure you cut down the triangles. You can check the triangles in blender on the bottom right corner.

Did you export your blender object as .fbx?


Few months ago I have the same problem, but I slove it.

All to have to do, you must save file as. fbx and go to studio. When you done click:
Plugins —> now you need click roblox plugin called Avatar Importer —> then click custom and select Fbx file which you want to import —> And you are done. Your mesh spawn and you need to resize it and remove humanoid folder and humanoidRootPart.

If I help you im pretty happy.


maybe you try this by follow the step on how to import:

If none of the solutions above work, ensure that the imported mesh’s name isn’t being moderated.

You can see if it doesn’t pass moderation by opening up the Output window.

This has been an issue for a while now and it’s always a pain to rule out. Here’s a feature request related to it: Do not prevent upload of meshes/images/etc with "inappropriate" names - #8 by Aotrou

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I just recently made this. This might help.

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