Need help in getting players to play my new game

Hey, so I released my game on the last week of December 2022 but it is not doing really well.
Here’s the game link if you want to check it out: Piggy: The Storybook - Roblox

So I thought my game would do really well and get many players but no, all I got is 20 visits:

Views Reality

After I released my game, I uploaded a video of my game in YouTube and made a community post in YouTube of my game but less people played my game. (no one except me got the first badge in my game)

I know advertising my game is a very effective and engaging way and will get many players to play my game but I don’t have any robux to promote my game. :slightly_frowning_face:

So please tell me any other ways to get players to play my game without advertising it. Much appreciated and thankful if someone helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think a problem is that with the title, it looks like a piggy ripoff and not its own thing

Like @hbgnhu said, it looks like a ripoff

You need to have lots of subs ngl 20k+


Its not anymore, it used to be good, but now its a waste of money

  1. Link games in groups. Link your game in the Badgers of Robloxia group. Since it has a badge, it will not be taken down, it will get some visits.

  2. Tell a content creator to play your game, a really popular one

So, if you made a normal youtube video, I think you shouldn’t do that (I mean, only if you have a lot of subs)

The best to a new game, is to create Shorts on Youtube, I tried it on a channel without subs, and it got at least 1k views (max of 2k views) each short advertising the game, so it’s a good choice if you don’t have subs!
And it’s easy to do because it’s just a 1 minute video (or less time)

You just need a short talking about your game, with the game link in the description, and the most different tags you can use about your game/video, so it gets more views and more visits on your game!

Come on! It’s a fangame, not a ripoff.

Yeah, but if i see something with the words Piggy in the title, I assume its a ripoff, even if it may not be.

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