Need help in lighting for my game

Hello everyone, I’m trying to do a backroom game using Future lighting and PBR textures, I don’t have a lot of experience messing up with lighting which makes what I want to achieve impossible to do.

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This is the image I want to pass to Roblox, is there any method to do that? I’ve already seen Roblox backroom games very similar and realistic to that image.

This is my game’s lighting setting:

This is how the game looks:

The game isn’t bad, but the graphics don’t look how I want it to be and it is way darker in comparison to the original and when i try to increase the ambient, it turns really bad! I want to in some areas of the labyrinth really dark, like pitch black but i cannot figure out how to do that. One thing to mention is that I’m already using Effects like Color Corrections… Any thoughts on how to improve my game?

Thank you!

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You could use parts that change the lighting based on what area you’re in?

I don’t know if that would work, because I want the player to see that the local IS pitch black, not when he just enters the place. Thanks though!!

I already seen games using this like “Da backrooms” but I can’t figure out how they did, maybe the point/surface/spot light were too bright and the ambient was pitch black… No idea.

Maybe you could change the brightness under lighting to just the normal brightness? (which is two btw)

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the brightness didn’t change anything unfortunately :frowning:

Captura de Tela 2022-12-01 às 21.02.35

This is what happens when I decrease the ambient to 0,0,0

Change Ambient and outdoor Ambient to white, change colorshift_bottom to the same color as colorshift_top.
Also lower lights transparency by like 0.15 :+1:

Also set exposure to 1 or higher.

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Thank you! I’ll try that, it seems nice! :smiley:

That didn’t work :frowning: Thank you though!

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Maybe turn up the lights in the backrooms to give more light to the darkness.

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Do i use spot, surface or point light?

Spotlight and surface light both work the same and honestly (for me) give the same results. I would try both and see which one you like more.

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Do you have a lighting settings which would make it useful?

Not really. I would say bloom and that’s pretty much it. Oh and also for some real lookin’ type of vibes, you can use Depth-Of-Field so when the player looks off into a long hallway, it gets kinda blurry at the end like real life.

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Create a big part that covers the entire ceiling with a surfacelight to light the ceiling?

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Thank you!!! :smiley: It works. Now i just need the lighting settings…

Do you guys has anymore tips? I really want to make it like the image…

Maybe try this? It would illuminate the place better.

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Let me see if it tries, do you have a lighting settings for the game? Thank you!