Need help locating a part of Shift Lock system's code

Hello everyone,

So as I am working on a custom camera system, I’ve come to a point where I need to force some of shift lock’s mechanics onto the player’s character. (That I don’t know how to fully recreate. (My recreation’s results turn out choppy.))

I made the code for the regular camera movement (Looking around, zooming in/out, etc…), but now I specifically need the code that rotates and locks the player’s torso in place. (Without the actual mouse lock part.) So, I’ve decided to take a look at the Shift Lock code… But after looking around the PlayerModule and the MouseLockController for some time, I am unable to find the part that rotates the character’s torso based on where the camera is looking at.

So, does anybody possibly know the location of the main code for the Shift Lock system?

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