Need Help Making a AutoUse/AutoFire Toolslot

Attention and Excuse me all scripters. I have been pretty interested in how to make a “Auto Use Slot” in the Toolbar. essentially it’s a slot that will auto activate any tool that is in it when it is selected. I wanted to make this slot a whole new slot instead of a pre existing one.

Example: DRAGON BALL FINAL STAND has the system im looking for, in the far right of the Toolbar their are colored slots which use letters to activate due to the immense amount of moves this allows for combos and organization.

EDIT: Note that I am not an really advanced scripter

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Well there’s this: Tool | Roblox Creator Documentation

Make sure ManualActivationOnly is false.

It might not work if tools aren’t equipped though, so test it to find out.

You could probably achieve this with the UserInputService by listening for certain keypresses and acting accordingly.