Need help making a door

I really want to make a door that opens 90º if you get near it, and closes when you walk away, like you pushed it open. I also want the door to play an open sound when it opens and a close sound when it closes, can someone help me figure out what to do?

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There are a ton of tutorials on youtube, but this needs hinges, if you look up “How to make a push able door on roblox”, tutorials come up. Hope this helps.

(Edited as I realised this was building support and not scripting).

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Wait this would need to be under scripting support?

Well not really, depends on how you want the door to open. You can use hinges and then have the Touched event play the door sounds, all depends on the door you want to do though.

what if i want it to return to its original position?

Hinges should do that, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to link YouTube videos, there is a tutorial though. Scripting wise is very easy, your just using the .Touched event to play a sound when the door is opening. (I dont have much experience with hinges).

Also if your trying to get it to open before a player touches the door then I reccomend scripting it.

If you’re looking to make a door using constraints, Roblox has published a great three part intro to hinges and springs on their YouTube channel.

I’ve linked them here if you’re interested in that:
1. Making a Door: Vertical Hinge
2. Making a Door: Limits
3. Making a Door: Closing with Springs

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Make an invisible part in the floor, insert a script in it, heres an idea on how to make it.
When a character touch that part, change the door position, and orientation, insert a sound in the part, then play the sound when the part is touched.

You can use 2 options to close it.
Wait(5) This will close the door when the countdown finish (5 seconds)
Or, if you want it to close when the player walks away, then make that when the part isnt touched by a character, returns the door to its original position and orientation.
In sorry if I can only give you the ideas, remember, you cant ask for complete scripts in the forum!