Need help making a game icon for a action game

Is this better for a action game? im really bad at making game icons, just less.

Please try making it higher quality, there is alot of pixelation around the letters and character. Less writing would be better.

White text on yellow is not very good, i’d drop the yellow background.

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sorry for late reply, i was just making a plans for my game.

I just used the Microsoft paint for my game and for some covers too.

Give me 30 minutes to edit this comment with an image submission based on your design

Some of the pixels in the image are actually literally the same ones you used!

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nice, i can finally update my game without testing my game.

I tried to stylize it just a little bit more, what do you think about this one?

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its good but is this allowed? I put the enemy on this corner.

Yeah its good, I update my game every time.

It’s debatable but in my opinion, I’d say it would most likely be confused as an image that depicts directly committing a crime, a criminal holding a victim at gunpoint. Might need to change the target!

hold on hold on let me fix that.

ill put it with laser, so it will be better than i made that third one.

I was gonna think this is a good idea, I replaced it with laser instead of the target.

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i recreate it :heart:

I appreciate your art, it looks good.

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