Need help making GFX's like ARTBLOX [A popular 3D environment artist]

Well, ARTBLOX is a popular 3D environment artist known on Twitter… He once tweeted saying that he made these using Roblox Studio & Blender:

Even I tried to make using VFX’s which look like this:

I couldn’t achieve that GFX style that ARTBLOX made. I would like to have some answers on how to make those GFX style which ARTBLOX made! I appreciate that :3

Thank you in advance!!

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artblox has yearssss of experience. all it takes is practice. look at blender tutorials that arent specifically for roblox, create them, and then incorporate roblox into what you just learned. you have to master the program on its own before trying to make gfx. constantly assess your own work and see how you can improve!!