Need help making Non-Euclidean stuff

Hello I’m trying to make a Non-Euclidean game, something like this: Non-Euclidean Worlds Engine - YouTube

But I don’t know where to start.
Any help is appreciated!


Kindly share the images of the project

This Project is very interesting, If you want, I can help you out with your project @DangKyAnhVaHH

Kindly watch the vids shared by the OP.

Also @DangKyAnhVaHH I don’t think this will be easy to implement, technically it is, but u have to render different parts according to the perspective, which will require an adequate plan to work. Currently Iam reading through the code, and if I find a possible solution I will def inform u abt it.

Seeing the video is not possible for some people, So including images and preview video is preferable.

i like youre idea but is this even possible in roblox to make?
maybe seamless portals where you can see trought?

This won’t work in roblox, as we don’t have access to shaders or roblox rendering stuff.
In the video, the developer made a whole engine for the task.
As to transform geometry you need to make a shader that use some math matrices magic to transform the geometry vertices depending on the matrice math stuff.
Roblox use the same regular matrice as most 3d engines to project 3d coordinates into 2d screen.
Non-Euclidean stuff needs a different matrices which we can’t even control in anyway in roblox.
Maybe you can simulate it in roblox using parts, rotations and teleporting but at the point you’re just gonna be going againt the current of the engine which is designed to make things easier anyway.

Bottom line: To make such advanced geometry transformation, you need to make your own rendering engine, or at least make your own shaders that tells the GPU how to transform 3d coordinates into Non-Euclidean space and then project them into the 2d screen :slight_smile:

PS: Trust me it’s not a simple task, unless you have knowledge on Matrices, Rendering, Shaders, and have the right tools like OpenGL Graphics API (Hel Not roblox)…