Need help making something look endless

I need help making a map look giant and look endless without using too much fog, any ways to achieve this? I don’t want it so players with max graphics can just see the map cut off

Hi I believe you have something like that explained on youtube since it harder to explain here, if you don’t want players to go around the maps end just put invisible walls that will prevent them of doing so.

Terrain or Parts?
You can use a 100x2x100 Part with a Blockmesh at the center of the map with a BlockMesh in with the Scale set to 100,1,100. This would put a part that looks like its 10,000 studs by 10,000 studs.
I’ve used a similar setup for a water surrounded Terrain island map to ‘almost’ hide the edge of the water. Matching colour and texture is an issue of course.

Not what i meant exactly, i meant it look endless, not you cant walk to it

If you want a map to look endless, there’s meshes out there that have hills and curves to the terrain that are used to make the terrain look infinite, this is if your map will be a set size and there will be invisible walls at the borders. (2) Endless Terrain Kit - Roblox

You can use the model uptop with some minimal fog and it should look infinite.

If you want to make an infinite terrain that you can explore like minecraft’s, you’ll need to look into procedural terrain generation which is a scripting related issue


I use a grid of giant specialmesh ‘plates’ to create an ‘endless’ looking horizon. The problems with this method:

  • If you get close to the surface texture at a large distance from the origin, the render quality is bad.
  • You can’t walk on it.
  • You are stuck with using a default material texture. (lots of games use foil for water, ice or sand may work depending on your game)

It looks good from far.

These hill meshes really do work great for this purpose. You can flatten them vertically if you don’t want the mountainous look. You don’t even have to use fog and they will look endless(as long as you don’t actually go to the end).

I combined both methods (the flat plate and the hill mesh) in this place and I think it looks great:

I also did a trick to make the ice actually endless to walk as far as you dare.

Do you have any pictures of this?

I appreciate your reply, do you have any more tips? They’re really good including this one

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There is one more tip I have, you could use roblox’s terrain generation API paired with chunk loading (again a scripting related issue), this way once you reach one side of a huge map, it’ll load in some extra terrain just to make it look infinite.

Otherwise those 3 ideas are the only ones I have.

Here are some pics of my flat grid, it looks ‘infinite’ even up to heights of 20,000 studs!

The main purpose for it in my game is to have a visible horizon(for flying)

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