Need help making this

Ok so, I’ve made a shop, and I was going to start developing how the player can buy items but the issue is that I’m not relatively sure on how I should go about saving the players Kill Sounds, Weapons, and other items that they’ve owned previously or have just brought.

How should I go about doing that?

Datastore Service, here

sorry if this does not help though

I don’t need a script, but steps and mroe explanation would be way more helpful. I’m already using datastores, just not completely sure on how I can save my table and add what the player owns / buys.

Use the players id in the key, and I believe you can just send a table, into DataStore:SetAsync()
Just put what they bought in the table, then just setasync.

I believe you have used DataStore to store values from “leaderstats.” Those are saved through a dictionary, with keys being the name and value being the value of ObjectValue. You can do a similar pattern by creating an object value each time they buy an item. You can store an array in a key if it’s a one-time purchase. For example, [“Purchased Weapons”] = {“AK47”, “M4A1”, etc…}. Load them as you would if you load your leaderstats.