Need help on a Speedster/flash game!

Hello,Im Blood007lol and im a giant fan of the flash
I want to make a game on it

First Things
I want to make a trail like that

But i make this

Second Things
I want to make a phase think like that
(Go to 1:38)

Final Thing
I want to climb wall like on the game named (Fast Track) The Flash: Earth Prime - Roblox
Like that robloxapp-20210508-1043274.wmv (1.3 MB)

Thanks you for reading and try to help me


I’d say for the trails you may need to put the trails in the head, hands, feet, and maybe somewhere else in the body.

The phasing you can achieve using Collision Filtering | Roblox Creator Documentation.
Make a new collision group that can phase through whatever parts you want and go at it.

I wish I knew how to run up walls as its something I too would hope to learn.

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thanks you i gonna try it and if it dont work i gonna come back

I have two problems.
First i dont know how to put the trails in the head, hands and on the feet
And last i just want phase when you click a button and i dont want to make colision groups with all parts on the game
I gonna try another things

You can set a the player to their own collision group that can collide with everything, then have the things you want the player phase through in another collision group. From there you can toggle the collision between the player and a specific collision group (the things you want the player to phase through) with a button or key.

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Thanks you for your reply
Just for a question
can you make the script
Yeah im little bit lazy :slight_smile:

I recently made a game that I use collision groups on for ghosts. Player ghosts and such so I have some code from it. I used that code to whip up a little test game for only the phasing with a key toggle. You should be able to adapt it to your use but it has the basics down.

PhaseTest.rbxl (34.1 KB)

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Thanks you For all this i gonna put you on credits on my game
And Its Working!!!

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