Need Help on Basic Game Planning

To start off, what I mean by “Basic Game Planning” is, well, basic game planning. I want to created a game with a couple key points. [You don’t need to look at the key points you can skip to the bottom but its reccomended.]

Key Points

  • Gamemodes - I think its best to give a different type of gameplay inside the game, when I think of gamemodes I think of minigames in the game, just taken more time and effort.
  • Weapons - Besides categories like simulators, roleplay, and more non-competitive games, I see lots of them have guns, swords, or some sort of other weapon.
  • Maps, Art, and other assets - I already have this complete, but if any more ideas/help can be put fourth, than please do.
  • Bosses - The Bosses have been in many games, even way back to one of the most retro game, Mario, I want to add this in the game, but I need help if I should use lerping or animations on a humanoid.
  • Core Scripts - Most of this is already completed, I only have problems with the key points above.

So what am I asking in the first place? Now that I gave you the knowledge of what I’m looking for, is help, what should I tackle first? then how do I tackle this, For Example: To Make a gun you must 1. Make a bool 2. Raycast 3. Make functions, and so on. I’m Sorry I know I make things over complicated so just try and kind of figure this out if your determined to, oh and Thank you!

Sincerely, MazinMark


I use monday, the project management website and mobile app.

It helps, you can set groups and title them, and add tasks inside them.

You can add partners, update statuses, choose which person will do what, and set a due date.

It’s great for project management.


Awesome, I saw the ads, but I didn’t know it was for all projects, I thought it was for those work places. Thanks Ill try it out!

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