Need help on exploiting/game stealing issues ( saveinstance() )

Hey, soo I recently created a game that I don’t want to be taken with the use of Injectors (KRNL, Synapse X, etc.) is there any possible way I could stop this or at least put something in the game so it doesn’t launch the downloaded file of the game (if they managed to get a copy with the usage of injectors)? Thanks!


Well, unfortunately as of now, there is no known way to prevent game stealing. All you can do is try to keep things in the server as most as possible, as that makes it difficult for exploiters to steal your game.

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There private methods of preventing saveinstance and dex, but those are most definitely not going to be shared here. My advice is to not worry about it and keeping your stuff that the client does not need at all times on the server.

Dang, alr ty for the info! I was rlly wondering about it but not sure that there was an easy way of doing it.

Alrighty, Thanks! I do appreciate all the info, cause I didn’t know this till now! xD

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You can use a script that can delete everything if it finds out the game isn’t yours for example:

if game.GameId =~ putyourgameidhere then
print("Real Game") 
local WorkspaceDelete = game.workspace:GetChildren() 


local Scripts = game.ServerScriptService:GetChildren()

Basically if the game isn’t yours it will delete everything inside workspace and ServerScriptService

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If that script is in Workspace, then it’ll be deleted with it. To fix that issue, just schedule them all to delete when the script is deleting using OnDestroying, so one part doesn’t get forgotten.
Otherwise, it’s a great measure to delete the entirety of someone’s stolen game.

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Avoid using ServerEvents. Thats all I have to say.

saveinstance doesnt save server scripts and of course anyone can remove this.

Could you elaborate? I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about

Alrighty, thanks! :smiley: Really need this kinda feedback because im new to all of the event stuff lol

Ah, thats what I wanted to know, thanks!

Oh, thanks! This helps alot! :smiley:

Just try to keep most of your important scripts like the main game scripts in server

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RemoteEvents are a way for client and server to communicate when fired. You should try avoiding sending information from client to server with events. Instead, use ServerEvents to check for information, then have something happen on client. This will reduce exploiting on your game by alot.

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Oh. I know what RemoteEvents are. You just said “ServerEvents” which confused me…

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ServerEvent is an event. Just all functions inside of RemoteEvents

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You’re not making any sense. Did you mean OnServerEvent?

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Oh, thanks! I really appreciate it :smiley:

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