Need help on how to create an anti-rule breaker system

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    A system that detects rule breakers and auto bans them.
  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    I have no screenshots videos or anything, but here is the issue. Rule breakers probably randomly select the game they want to rule break, meaning they may target me. I’m thinking I could fix this with some system.
  3. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?
    I didn’t look for solutions, unfortunately. I am not good at scripting and building such systems so I need help from advanced people.
    After that, you should include more details if you have any. Try to make your topic as descriptive as possible, so that it’s easier for people to help you!

If possible, please give me tips, hints or other types of support on how to make this system.
(I may of deleted some to avoid it being a mass topic, I don’t want people sitting for hours scrolling to the end).


Do you mean exploiters/hackers?


We can’t tell you how to make a system if you:

  1. can’t script
  2. don’t give us any details about your game

You generally don’t have an “anti-rule breaker system”, more so fixes for specific exploits users can do.


This thread doesn’t have enough information. Specific cases are required and each form of “anti-rule breaking” would have to be handled individually by a process of some kind. That also being said; it’s typically not possible to automate action for rule breaking since most of it is done by indetectable actions (can often flag false positives).


Trolling - Kick
Abusing - Ban or Perm ban depending on severity
Admin Abuse - Perm Ban
Raid - Mass Ban
Advertising without perms - Ban
Online Dating: Ban
Attacking - Ban
Hating/Bullying: Kick
Hacking/Exploiting: Ban or Perm ban depending on severity and actions
Noclip or Invisible: Kick
Scamming: Perm Ban
Insulting: Kick
If I missed some rules out then explain the rest to me, I’ll show who it affects.
Head Admins
:no_entry_sign:Does not work on: Deputy Premiers, Premiers, Co-Owners, Owners.
Is that enough info?

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Proccess: The player would get banned in a time that could take up to I minute.
If it doesn’t work an error will show in the F9 (I think) Tab.
For perm ban it will in a few seconds ban you from the game forever, denying access to the game forever.

Yeah, uh, none of this can be automated except for exploiting (not hacking), which is just a case of fixing up your game and making sure your server is secure, as well as patching any new exploits that may be tailored to your game specifically.

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The majority of these rules cannot be enforced, nor detected by a script, and so you should implement some form of a manual moderation system to mitigate rule-breakers.

If you do not know how to script, then creating your own system is likely not an option. I would recommend using one of many widely available admin commands scripts with which you can arm your moderators the tools to combat rule breakers.

You would need to hire individuals you trust to perform these moderator tasks, or you could do it yourself but dealing with these rules will require a lot of manual intervention.

Edit: As others have said, a machine learning approach could be taken to this problem, however that seems vastly out of scope considering your lack of knowledge.


There would also be a poll where people could say if they should be gaven that punishment.

It’s starting to sound more like you want someone to make this system for you than you are requesting for pointers. At that point, it’d be worth taking a look into learning how to do these kinds of things yourself - have you tried searching for solutions at all?

That being said: you’ve already been given two acceptable answers. You literally can’t do this.

Please also stop adding more replies, just use the edit button.


First off, the scripting support category is not for us to create entire scripts for you, if you really want to make this script then it you’d probably be better off learning how to script.

Also, the majority of what you want to do here is impossible. The only thing you can really do is detect exploiters, you can’t detect scamming or mass raiding.

Also, you can edit a message instead of mass replying to yourself.


What do you need help with then? We told you that everything you want to do is impossible unless you have manual moderation.

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‘‘Manual moderation’’?
Please explain further, there is many admin systems I can use to moderate my games at times. Doing it myself is manual right, not messing with a system except admin which doesn’t detect, you have to use the prefix and command name and execute it properly if you are using admin. Thats me doing some of the work.

Manual Moderation is where you’d either type !ban/kick USER or do it via a GUI.

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You will need to do some of the work because it is not possible to create a system which detects users violating your rules.


Yes, I would do some manual moderation if I have time by doing for example:
Troller: Trolls alot
Me: ;kick <username/user id here>

You’re starting to get off-topic here. You already have an answer: you can’t automate discipline against these behaviours except for exploitation. Everything else must be handled manually.

Hire a moderation team from your community. If you want to learn how to script, check out Recommended YouTube channels for scripting beginners

It is possible, even if it would be out of typical scope. You should focus on other stuff, but if you really must know…


Sorted via correct permission management

See above

Check if a user “advertises”, and if they are not “authorized”, you can ban.

Detect for common terms and react as such. If you want to go up, AI it up and get it to learn.

Subjective. See above.

See above

Depends what you want, detect exploiting by any appropriate method, if detect react as appropriate.

Covered in above

See Online dating


If any of the above occur, and they belong to those roles, do nothing.

You should look @ #public-collaboration:public-recruitment and get someone to do that for you. This is not easy work.
Manual moderation via a moderation team, as others have suggested seem best.

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@railworks2 I was not aware that troll detecting is possible! If it’s not a system of key words/all caps then please let me know what the basis of it is!