Need help on how to make a gun

So I am trying to make guns for my game, I looked at many different tutorials and most of them aren’t what I seem to be looking for.
I want to make a gun that isn’t too realistic, that other players can see shooting, kind of like The ones from this game: Undead Nation (Note: it is a pretty old game, but it’s what I have in mind for weapons.)

I have guns in the game I am making, but they are all free models, and mostly old ones as well (2009-2013). I thought making my own weapons would just be easier than hoping that there is a free model from 2012 of a weapon I look for.

My game is mostly just old Roblox, and nostalgic things from back then. it is probably hard to make a weapon that would fit in those times.

I appreciate any help if anyone has any. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you tried looking into using FE gun kit?