Need help on uploading mesh to roblox problem! (ASAP!)

Hey there developers!

I want to upload blender mesh on roblox but it’s not same size, I already put a rig in blender to make it same size to upload to roblox studio, how to make it same size?

Thank You! :smiley:


Can you not scale it up in Roblox or

No I just want to know how to fix the problem

your rig is too small in blender

No I didn’t scale it in blender I just export and did nothing

I put a 4 stud block to my roblox character wide and I upload it to blender and it’s same

Did you use Bulk Import or 3D Importer to import the meshes?

I use bulk importer to import my meshes

Yeah try to use the importer from the MeshId property of the MeshPart.

It’s bugging

I used FBX to make the mesh separate, meshpart cannot separate the mesh

Yeah but you could use an Addon to auto-export all the meshes in the Blender scene. And then import them 1 by 1 in Roblox.