Need help recreating Source Engine lighting and atmosphere in Roblox

  1. What do you want to achieve? Get the source-like atmosphere
  2. What is the issue? colors & lighting are wayy off
    Map im using for testing

The map in GMOD

  1. What solutions have you thought of so far?
    Adjusting the material of the parts, making sure all the colors are set to 255,255,255

Ive got all the ambient set to 0,0,0 btw

(im aware the HUD is from goldsrc, the source hud is overdone and associated with the PNG chasing games)

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Copying the lighting settings from hammer got it close to the original 2005 thumbnail of gm_flatgrass but not of modern source (i was trying to get the skybox but got the lighting color by accident)


You could try adding a Bloom effect and a Color Balance effect (was that what it was called?) and desaturate it slightly.
Love the GoldSRC UI, I don’t think I’ve ever really seen it used.
May I ask what the game is?

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Im working on getting the general source jankiness in roblox for fun, will release once I get vgui remade (may be the olive version to match the goldsrc hud)

an update: lighting is still messed up due to me missing normal maps for all the materials and the shadows being weird
somewhat fixed the color and lighting

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Damn, you beat me to it. Good luck!!
I was actually planning on working on a Source remake (still will since yours goes in its own direction slightly) but I am excited to see what comes of this.

There are some resources online like Crowbar that let you extract Source game resources, you could do that and find the textures manually.

Maybe set lighting to compatibility?

that made it worse in my testing
source lighting is also more similar to voxel color-wise (i got it mostly accurate for now just need help with shadows)

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From what I know shadows are pretty hard to customize past basic things, so I’m not fully sure how you could change them much past what you have

I just removed shadows, i found a baked lighting lib that found promising but cant get it to not crash when doing the entire map

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That’s odd, can you send the lib? I can try to see what might be happening