Need help reducing massive lag spike at start of game [Solved]

I have added a bunch of parts to my character(one part for each limb) to make it so that when my ragdoll script activates, the limbs don’t clip through the floor. However whenever a player joins I have to loop through all of my characters limbs as well as all my collision parts and add NoCollisionConstraints to each collision part. This adds up to 30 of these things per collision part which I have 13 of. This creates a one second lag spike or so whenever a player join. Is there any other way I can do this without lagging the entire server. My idea was maybe I slow it down and create a loading screen for the joining player?

Getting descendants will get everything under that object so no need to keep looping over as then you create multiple instances in certain parts

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I just realsied I only have to add constraints to th