Need help regarding map boundary

I have this build of a futuristic city on one side of the map. It is there to help add more to the theme of the game and make it ‘alive’. It is not supposed to be accessible by the player.

Basically, the map would be kind of a wasteland somewhere from a huge bustling city where all the outcasts live. That is what the city would help to signify.

I am worried about performance issues. I thought of using skyboxes instead of 3d models but it seems lame. Is there a better way? What should I do?

Here’s how I made each building, very few parts used

Y’know, i’m not gonna stop you from doing it in roblox studio, but some may say that you need to import them into blender into parts so it’s easier to move in studio and a little less hassle to color, but here’s a minor solution:
Remove the back buildings and use decals for things that aren’t going to be too visible, like the poles on some of the buildings and the roblox logo, and maybe even some of the far away windows, though that’ll be a bit more hassle since you’ll need to get it approved, which takes time
So, Best option: Remove the big buildings at the back, and use less neons like the ones with green windows or blue windows

This should cut down at least 15 to 50 parts from the looks of it on those big buildings and the neon windows.


I also saw this little building, and comparing the two pictures you provided, it doesn’t seem to be showing too much, so maybe remove that one entirely.

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How many parts are back there in the first place? It looks less than 1,000. If so, you should be fine.

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Yes, there aren’t much. The body of the building is 1 part + the windows are separate parts

if you do plan to add 20 of them, yeah you should probably give it less parts if you’re concerned about preformance, but if it’s only about 3 of them, i think you should be fine, just like he said
either, good to be safe more than going head first sometimes

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I’ll stick to minimizing the part count. Because there will be a lot of buildings.

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