Need help rounding e and e+ numbers

How to round e and e+ numbers? My raycast keeps sending me positions in these numbers and i cant round them

So e and e+ numbers won’t round with math.floor?

not for me …minimumpostlength…

the issue i have is i want to update numbervalues and i use math.floor but when it’s a huge number like (e) it wont update

I don’t think I can help you with this one, Sorry.

Wait nvm, math.floor was working, it was just that i thought an e number would have been bigger, sorry

1.5e10 means “move the decimal 10 places to the right”.

So 1.5e10 == 15000000000.

So math.floor(1.5e10) will still give you 1.5e10, because 1.5e10 is already an integer.

Maybe that helps you out.

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actually math.floor and math.round and math.ceil work