Need help scaling a TextButton on different devices

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  1. Hello, I created a close button but seems like it scales only on PC, when I go on mobile or iPad it shows very badly.

  2. Basically, I don’t know how to scale it.

  3. I have tried using plugins, but they don’t work! And I really need help.

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So there are 4 values in a udim2 scale, right?
The first and third value is like a percentage. Try using those instead of the second and fourth. But keep in mind 1 = entire screen.

Hi, try setting the offset on the size of the text button for both the x and y value to 0 and then just adjust the scale accordingly. Hope that helps!

So I’ve learned when you scale your Text Buttons you never want to drag and drop. What I do is have my anchor points at .5 and .5. I only use the number scaling to scale it down. Think of your screen as a massive 1 by 1 surface.

So your anchor points are at the center of the screen so then you can move your UI using the scale and movement properties. You can check if it’s scaled by changing that little pull-down view where it gives you device types and then you can select everything from 1920x1080 to an iPhone X.

It is really annoying that you have to do that but trust me if you do it will scale properly. There is also a great YouTube tutorial on advanced UI Design/Menu design from 3rdhoan123 he does a good job of showing how to scale your UI and how to do a whole lot of other helpful UI stuff.

Let me know if you have any other questions.