Need Help Scaling Many Models

I decided I should make this build more wide, however whenever I scale the things up they disappear and when I press f I instantly have a dark grey screen. I’ve tried using the sbs plugin scale feature, but it casts weird shadows on all the models. If you have any suggestions please tell me.


Try using this model resize plugin. I use it all the time, it is really useful!


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll see if it can help me. Can it resize multiple models at once?


You can do that without a plugin. Hold CTRL and select the models you want to resize. This should work.

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I’ve had an issue like this before, it’s where you attempt to resize one or several meshes and the whole entire selection changes its position to negative several million. When you ‘find’ the selection it essentially goes into an area in which you can’t render I guess? Not exactly sure, but when you do it just look at the location of the selection in the properties tab and see for yourself.