Need help to make a viewmodel

I’ve been searching for a lot of viewmodel tutorials but I can’t find a good way to make one. I’ve tried BlackShibe’s tutorial on how to make a viewmodel but it was too confusing for me. Does anybody know a simple way of making a viewmodel? Is the viewmodel a separate thing or do I need to script it together with the gun?

Thanks in advance.

All a view model is when put simply is to put the gun in front of the camera.

The tricky part is combining this with CFrame springs, animations, CFrame aiming and all sorts of features.

Here is what the view model I made. It’s just an anchored part that is CFramed positioned in front of the camera.

Then I add sway to it using my own method, it should illustrate the process of making a view model.

The next part is adding the rest of the features.

One improvement for the sway is that I should apply the sway rotation to a different pivot point in order to make it not rotate from the middle of the part, but that’s your choice to make it as realistic as you want.