Need help tracking amount of bricks exploded

Been tryna figure out a way to track how many bricks have been exploded when a player shoots a rocket at lets say a small box made of 15 bricks. How would i exactly track that so i know if it blows up 3 or 10 bricks? Spent too much time trying on my own so help is greatly appreciated!

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Assuming you are using an explosion object you can use this event

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I get the explosion.hit. Just confused on how id implement that into tracking the number of bricks. I can figure out how to get it to show up in a gui. Just not sure how i get that initial number of brick exploded.

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local Explosion ="Explosion", workspace)
local HitParts = {}

	table.insert(HitParts, Hit)
	print(tostring(#HitParts).." have been hit!")


Thank you. Just tested and it does exactly what i needed. counts the bricks that are exploded. I mean it tells me in 20 lines but Thank you lol. Now i just gotta implement into a leaderboard and gui. Greatly appreciated