Need help understanding how Sponsored Ads Work

So, recently I ran a sponsored ad for my game and when I was setting up the sponsors I saw a lot of configuration options and I really don’t know which one is the best for your sponsor to maximize player visits and get a high number of concurrent players.


When I finished running the ad I also saw a lot of detailed analysis on my ad and I only have little understanding of what they mean and how they are calculated like CPC and CPP.

I understand everything else though

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Configure the sponsor to be shown to people you know will play your game. If you want a younger audience, go for under 13 and on mobile. If you want an older audience, go for 13+ and Computer. Also, I believe Roblox has an article on what things like CPC and CPP mean.
Edit: CPC means cost per click (how much robux did you spend to get 1 person to click on the ad)
CPP means cost per play (how much did you pay for 1 person to play your game)


i would actually suggest including all mobile, tablet, and computer for both, because kids do use computer and tablet too, so do 13+ sometimes


I know @Pokemoncraft5290 already gave a great answer, but here’s what I would do:

Set the settings accordingly to your game. You don’t have to follow these settings, but these are just my recommendations.

Ad Table

If you are aiming for an older audience (13+), then select computer
If you are aiming for a younger audience (<13), then select phone, and tablet to attract even younger children.

Speaking of statistics for your ads, there is a great article on the DevHub that will clear any confusion you may have on analysis.