Need help unlocking leg movement from torso

I’ve been trying to figure out this animation for a while but to no avail. I also haven’t found anything helpful online (I might be wording my searches wrong, language barrier.)

I basically want the legs to stay still for this whole animation sequence, like this :

The only ways I have found to achieve this was to anchor the legs or just remove their motor entirely, however when I export it or play it anywhere else than the modified rig the legs follow the torso into the air like this :

I basically just want the legs to stay put without having to manually place them back as they end un shuffling quite a bit since I can’t get the placement exactly the same as the starting point.

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The torso does that to the body naturally I think… maybe try with r15 and see if that rig mode has the same problem? I would also suggest using Moon Animator because its a bit easier and less confusing.

The r15 rig doesn’t seem to have that problem since you can move the upper torso independently from the legs, however I’ve been using r6 for all my animations and I’d prefer not having to redo all of them for this one to work.

Could Moon Animator allow for independent r6 leg movement ?

I’ve been having this problem since I started animating using R6 and it’s still being very annoying to deal with now. I do not have any solution for this. All you can do you fix this is to move the legs back in the original position which is a very tedious process.

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The workaround I’ve found for this is rather stupid considering it involves the re-animating of pretty much everything but you essentially want to set Part0 of the right & left hip found inside of torso to the HumanoidRootPart, This essentially makes them rotate around the HRP instead of with the torso.


Since the joints have changed though the default animations won’t work with this, so you’ll have to literally setup a startercharacter or edit the motor6d’s via script.

This isn’t perfect or anything but it’s definitely better than the whole body dragging along with the torso and is closer to reality.

Alternatively you could use R15 but let’s be honest that’s a step a lot of people don’t want to take as ( at least in my opinion ) R6 animations are much better looking.