Need help using text scales on textboxes

I had a problem using text scales on textboxes. Whenever I use text scale on a textbox, I can no longer go to the next line automatically; the text just goes in a single line and gets smaller. I want to have a text scale on while having created new lines automatically based on how much you type.


Hey! could you provide me with some images so i can understand your Problem better?

The text input gets supper small when the screen size is big I want it to change based on the screen size. I know how to do it for text labels but don’t know how to do it for textboxes.

You could try using a UITextSizeConstraint, just make the Min and Max value the same and it should be fixed I think, the text goes to the next line once it reaches the end.
Screenshot 2022-03-15 222246

Sorry for the late reply lol

Nope, still not working. It works for taxtlabels but not textboxes for some reason.