Need help with 2d camera

Hello, I need some help with a 2d camera. I want to make my camera perfectly 2 dimensional, I have looked everywhere I could for advice but I didn’t find the thing I am looking for.

Basically, I want my camera to look like this:

but my camera looks like this:

Does anyone have experience with this?

You can’t really make the camera 2D.
You can try to trick it by having it a long way away and reducing the FieldOfView so just this section is displayed.

Another thing you can try is to just put Decals on the front face of all the bins at the bottom and on the cylinders, and make the bins and cylinders Transparent so you don’t see them, just the Decals.

Worked pretty well, but I do not understand your decal stuff could you try to explain it in further detail?

Make ALL the parts Transparent and put white Decals on all the cylinders (posts) and coloured Decals on the front faces of the bins at the bottom of the screen.
This way only the 2D decals will show up. You won’t see the angled sides of these items.

Alright, this will do. Do you know any efficient ways to do this without wasting time?

The easiest solution is to just set workspace.CurrentCamera.FieldOfView to a really low value, and then just have the camera viewing from really far away.

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