Need help with a "Gear Zone"

Hi. I need help for make a zone. When you go on it, you get a Snowball ! But when you go out of it ! snowball is removed from your inventory. Can you please help me ? Thanks you !

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You can do this with Region3 (detects when someone is in a certain area and when they leave) or with .Touched, if the player is standing inside the area they get the tool once they leave tool:Destroy()

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Hello, @Official_DevFrancais.
I’d recommend looking into using Region3 or Magnitude.

Magnitude checks the area around a Part. You can choose how far it checks.
Region3 is a data type that describes a volume in 3D space similar to an axis-aligned rectangular prism.


I’d recommend you to watch this video to learn more about Region3 and how you can make something what you want

Hi. Thanks you for help ! you solved my problem !!!